From 2012

In 2012 I DJ’d, graduated and moved across the county. I played roughly 50 live sets in 2012 mixing around with songs and perfecting beats. Most of which loosely under the name Squints. These were west coast shows in Arizona and California. Shows varied from ‘is this thing on..’ to some extremely memorable and epic moments. Either way, Squints has come and gone and I’ve likely played the last shows of my career.  So to set the record straight, ‘DJ Squints’ is a project on hiatus. 

I’ve chosen to focus on music as pleasure rather than a profession. Still a lifestyle and an everyday part of life, but I’ve begun to focus my creative efforts and energy in different directions. I love music and couldn’t imagine my life without it. Music will never leave my life, just rather change forms of immediate importance. I have decided to move on to bigger and better aspects of music and life.

For the past two years DJ Squints has served as one of the most fundamental aspects of my life. In all honestly what I truly cared about. I put it in front of a lot of things that in hindsight I probably shouldn’t have. But for what its worth I spent a summer in London, played a set at Coachella, and connected with people across the globe. I feel honored to have accomplished what I did. The ride was truly a gift from something much bigger than me. I am blessed to have had the ability to experience and partake in what I did.

For now I’m in Seattle Washington working on a new life in the Pacific Northwest. Lots of natural life and clarity. Enjoying it thus far. If you’re up here say whats up. 

Below are 10 tracks from the past two years. The 128 dance tracks I am releasing under the name 3dward Jones. Plans for future music projects are under wraps and undisclosed at this point.

Take care & Enjoy,



Squints 2012

Baby Gone Wild [Breakbot X Ludacris]

Kongs A Bitch [Bonobo X Nas & AZ]

Poppin Veldt [Deadmau5 X Birdman]

Driftin Daddy [Com Truise X Lil Wayne]




3dward Jones 2012

Tivoli Hangover [Steve Angello X Taio Cruz]

Closer And I Know It [Leon Du Star X LMFAO]

Calling 3X [Alesso X Chris Brown]

Techno Waterfall [Afrojack X Coldplay]

Rattle Dream [Bingo Players X Empire of The Sun]

Shots Levels [Avicii X Lil Jon]